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Getting your Water Elemental to shut the %#@$ up!
Sick of listening to that constant bubbling water ambiance from your pet that drowns out other more interesting/important/less annoying game sounds?  Me too! Here's how to turn it off for good!
Removal of Water Elemental Ambient Sound Loop

Fingers of Frost x2 -Scrolling Combat Text Custom Event
The default UI is not very informative when it comes to Fingers of Frost charges.  The on-screen UI glyph system will always look the same whether you have one FoF charge or two. The only ways to know if you have FoF2 is listening for the proc sound effect(which is can be difficult in a raid due to other game sounds/vent chatter) or looking at your buffs(which takes your eyes off the battlefield!). Both methods can pull  your focus away from other more important things.  Fortunately, there are a few options to help. I will outline the method I personally use to track FoF2 using Scrolling Combat Text by Grayhoof.
SCT FoF2 Custom Event Setup
You may need to play around with your frame positions to get it to show up where you want it to.  For FoF1, nothing will happen. Upon reaching FoFx2, your desired message will be displayed letting you know it's time to use a charge or risk an overwrite. This will prevent you from having to take your eyes off the game field to check your actual proc state.