Friday, March 30, 2012

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This blog is no longer updated as of Patch 4.2.  Feel free to take/re-use any pictures and diagrams that are still relevant.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

PvE Frost is a competitive spec. Period.

For whatever reason, people who aren't strong thinkers or slept through every statitistics class they ever been in(and I can't blame you either) love to post RaidBots pages "proving" that not only is Frost the worst Mage Spec; it's the worst PvE DPS spec in the game among all classes. Well here's the facts; using a minimal/zero movement fight as our example. Normal Mode Baeleroc in the Firelands Instance.

Yes, Arcane has a small DPS edge over Frost. Look again at the representation of total parses by spec...Arcane has a very small DPS edge, with a sample size fifty-six times greater than Frost.  Statistically speaking, Arcane has an immensely high chance to show a greater DPS average simply due to sample size alone.  Not only do these parses include Arcane Mages with Shard of Woe; it is reasonably safe to assume that the majority of the best geared Mages are specced Arcane due to pressure from raid leaders, the stigma associated with using Frost as a PvE spec, and the resulting ignorance that comes along with it.   This is also a spec comparison on a fight tailored for Arcane(i.e nearly zero movement turrent style DPS)!  Frost's numbers could potentially be inflated if we assume most of the 138 parses are from intelligent individuals who do/did their math homework and ignore the rest of the playerbase throwing rotten vegetables at them.

In summation, Frost is absolutely a viable and competitive spec for PvE. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.